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Simply Lark Press

Alternative Boutique and Company News

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Home to Alternative, DIY, Vintage, Gothic, Steam Punk, Neo-Victorian, Indie, and Hippie Merchandise! Part publishing company, part boutique, Simply Lark Press was founded in April 2008 (with August 1st, 2008 as the official launch date) by interdisciplinary artist Christine Stoddard. Run by President Christine Stoddard and Vice President Daly Martinez , we are an indie organization with dreams of expansion but hope to always maintain a small, intimate, and welcoming atmosphere no matter how big we may one day grow. From books to zines to stationary to CDs to resumes, we take pride in our blossoming inventory. Simply Lark Press also offers a slew of services mentioned in our MySpace blog (www.myspace.com/simplylarkpress). Thanks so much for visiting our site. Please take a look around and also visit our sister site at Facebook: Simply Lark Press (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=43873480006). You can also order our merchandise at http://myworld.ebay.com/simplylarkpress.
befriending fairies, catching gnomes, listening to music, sleeping, spawning art, training dragons, walking, writing